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BioPlan optimises production planning for all steps in the aquaculture value chain, from roe to harvest.

Let BioPlan help you maximize production and find the optimal plan for

your harvesting and stocking

optimering aqua forsker i bergens tidende

We help farmers make better production decisions by combining farming data with advanced mathematical programming and AI and machine learning models. 


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Optimeering Aqua is the brain-child of the optimisation team at Optimeering and professor Asgeir Tomasgard from the Norwegian Univerity of Science and Technology. Simply put, we built Optimeering Aqua to

bring to market advanced optimisation tools for production and market operations in the salmon and aquaculture industry. 


We create the market's most advanced software tools for the optimisation of the entire aquaculture value chain. We use advanced maths and algorithms to utilise your resources more effectively, increasing production, lowering production costs, improving operations and increasing the profitability of our customers.  


All our tools work by creating 

mathematical representations of aquaculture production, operational and market processes. These are then "crunched" and analysed, deriving 
optimised plans and decisions along the whole production value chain, from roe to harvest. 


Meet The Team

Mattias Svensson

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Mattias splits his time between updating and improving Optimeering Aqua's it-infrastructure and solving the deeper mathematical/algoritimic challenges of the aquaculture industry.  

He has a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköpings University in Sweden, where took a deep dive in to mathematical modelling, quantitative analysis, optimization, simulation, stochastic processes, numerical analysis and software engineering.

Mattias enjoys gaming and the occasional Lidingaloppet/Stockholm Marathon. 

Erlend Torgnes

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Erlend works with all aspects of the company from the deeper mathematical questions to working with customers to help them get more out of their production.

He has a M.Sc. in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


He was worked with a variety of modelling challenges, from maximizing oil production to evaluating the value of trading power and now at Optimeering Aqua driving the change from experience driven to knowledge driven farming.

Erlend loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, and tries to also find time for some gaming and running. 

Penelope Melgarejo

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Penelope leads the development of the mathematical framework of Optimeering Aquas modelling efforts.


She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science / AI from Institut Nationale de Sciences Avancées de Lyon (INSA de Lyon) / IBM Center for Advanced Studies France, Paris 

Penelope is Optimeering’s language wiz, speaking Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and Norwegian (in addition to Python, C, C++, Java, Scheme, OPL, Matlab, Axiom, R, Google Refine and Oracle).

Penelope enjoys yoga and spending time with her family outdoors.



Aquaculture is a complex business with diverse fish groups, seasons, growth conditions, rapid changes  and much more. How do we make sense of it? 


Evidence shows that people who think with models consistently outperform those who don't.


Moreover people who think with lots of models outperform people who use only one.


Why do models make us better thinkers?


Models help us to better organize information


Models improve our abilities to make accurate forecasts. They help us make better decisions and adopt more effective strategies

Erlend Torgnes, CEO, Optimeering Aqua




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